Sunday, July 22, 2007

vacancy: the ballad of broken cigarettes

a justification for the broken hearted and wounded souls
i felt much better before it all
my heart was safe.

but with you
we can set our hearts on fire
and though they will eventually turn to ash...
watching them burn will make it worth it.

we will become fragments
of fingertips and motions of lips lost
in trains of irrationality and whirlwinds.

and while these statues of apollos wait with belated breaths
we will sit..
on this fresh cut grass
to graciously gasp each other in.

but one day our bodies will sit
in silence
even though our minds break words
only long enough to take a thought.

words that mean more than words
will never be let out
but much thought overtime
which will ultimately lead to our deterioration.

regardless for this time being
you ease my mind from left hands and achilles heels...
so i am content with the stories
these walls will never get to tell.

your architectural functioning
leaves me lost in equations
and for once..
simplicity feels nice.

my heart stopped beating a while ago
so i must apologize
but my veins still manage to pump enough blood to sustain me...
and keep me on this floor we sit on.

your lips don't compare..
and your feet are too clean...
i think that's what i like best about you.

the world is a place
where hearts are combined but
plagued with an overbearing sense of crumbling dysfunction.

insecurities mask unwanted hurts
and cold shoulders hide forbidden feelings
from once loved collarbones.

I like how
you like the way
i disintegrate.

lets crumble together.

no hearts included.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


let's undress these street lights
while we crack to peel these stars from collision
and share thoughts formed from hand soap bubbles

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

repetition in a modern sewer...

limbs like oil
water like minds
we come together in perfect layers
and separate exceptionally

Monday, July 9, 2007


a snarl,
these feet stand alone
together on this rock bottom surface

Thursday, July 5, 2007

gary bower knows best

arms and limbs tangled in wrists and knees
shape past perfection as a portrait shaped by elements all combine to form a picture
like the illusory semblance of a phantasmagoria
the mere creation of a distempered brain...

yet feelings never prevalent so much as when
embalmed in your fingertips and calculatedly configured legs...

and while these eases of the past
comforting and safe chemical equations...
shape the grounds of skyscrapers
your vibrantly vicious sunsets of rooftop worlds...set apart
hearts finally at ease but never
easily forgotten skies seemed blood orange until
your appendages painted my mindful cosmos trouble-hearted red and never pink

lovers entrapped into geometric forms
form simple equations i am yet to fully work through...
rain clouds burrow and set camp above my stars
as our clouds separate to disperse
once loved liked friends become always never forgotten memories

i seem to fade into you as water fades to grey
after too much black paint pollution...
one-sided feeling
only reflects onto
one-walled emotion
so i hold this choke in my throat
slowly sinking to the bottom of this with eyes and hearts wide shut...
what could have and will never again be

regardless of miscalculations and unequivocal conclusions
i have to feel blessed to study and interpret
outcomes unlike plausible outcomes proved
right answers aren't the only answers
they simply and accutely form accepted right ninety-degree ankles

i like our x and y's
so gracefully they created an equation unlike any other
and seemingly enough will never be executed
no matter how much the
past meets present
mathematicians effect or disprove our theories

so thank you.
and sweet dreams
to this
that makes me anxious to meet you in the
and for the moment...
keeps my shaky wrists
colorlessly at ease