Thursday, August 30, 2007

tired corners and windows of aries.

i like the way you fit so nicely
into the corner of my heart
a place where it can't be taken
but won't ever be reached again

i have packed my bags
and while it is heavy on my shoulders
and hurts my heart to leave
i feel content to be traveling
away from something
i won't ever forget

so lend me a minute
lets make this right...
but right doesn't mean any more
than an ease of a heart
once broken...
and now content

now i build my profile out of glass,
one that easily shatters
but is even easier to see me inside
no more hiding
because it doesn't take much to get me
it just takes time to understand

i like your silhouette,
and everything that it interprets
but i am not done looking
so i'll stand here a little longer

because i am ok.
i am just fine
i have sewn pieces back together
and even though they have thicker thread
they have learned to let loose when needed

i now see
that metal hearts and armoral
aren't always safe
and clean dashboards are often unnecessary

i lend you this map of me
from minds to you
so keep it on your shelf
just in case you need reference...
a way out of corners and shadows

because far too often
light sheds light
in the most unexpected places

Monday, August 20, 2007


life lives
words speak
hearts bleed
leaving summer flesh bruised
with splotches of life cut too short,
and broken window fixes for those
who can't seem to find happiness...
so they steal others

my muscles hurt from too much work
and my veins are swollen from lost friendships
once placed on pedestals of california beginnings

spring brought full hearts,
but summer left one broken
and fast came health which shattered
into tubes of research i tend to sleep in
more often than my bed

true friendships reigned through
insecure others insecurities...
those who bring comfort and ease
with little effort

the summer's blood rushes somewhere silent
while words with meaning disappear into memories

fall is fragile and weak in the knees...
hearts and bodies freeze broken until spring
fills their pockets with new water

i sit on this back porch and unravel everything
turning these days into old days,
days worth remembering