Monday, March 23, 2009

.lend me the ocean.

We met where the ocean spoke green
you saw me better than i could see myself as i stand in this mirror
my hips and chest spoke literacy better than you could form
but you shaped me
into this figure i could never draw and always used to
i see me in you.
our spines melt
into insecurity as you peeled sadness
from your bones and remembered what it was like
to be whole
you make me like to be me
you make me beautiful
you make me hate myself
i don’t like the way these legs
i like the way your hands
and chin
reap me clean from these
blurred images and perfection
you see me
i am me.
this mind speaks love as you turn
past young clocks that tick too fast but make time
easier to say goodbye to.
You. Me. We.
our line hasn’t stopped and this pencil still drags
across the page
pick it up.
write your name.

lend me your shoulder blades.
lend me your smell.
give me back what I saw
when love let lights burst
into a thousand colors as you smiled
and took me.

lend me you.

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